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- NO date will be blocked off until the administrative fee & location has been booked & paid for.
-There are NO refunds
- Currently there are only erotic meeting located in Orlando/ Central Florida        ( Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee, Maitland)
-Meeting can be any day of the week EXCEPT Sunday
- Kings Clubhouse staff will pay for & book location. Will provide several options for the person wanting to sponsor the meeting. The person sponsoring the meeting will give the funds to King Clubhouse for location to be booked. 
- You no longer have to be an active member to participate in this
- Reimbursement of the location cost to you will be made BEFORE the 50/50 split of the door
- Payments and date must be booked at least 2 months in advance to properly market the meeting

What Kings Clubhouse Provides:
1. We send out emails & text messages 
2.Marketing materials flyers & promo video
4. Staffing
5. Updating website
6. Provide ALL meeting supplies

1. I hereby agree that I am 18 years of age, or older, and that I am voluntarily here to  engage consensually in adult activities. Any guests below the age of 21 years old fully understand & agree to the term that they are explicitly prohibited from accepting or consuming alcohol at our events.


2. This is a PRIVATE, non-public event.. Invitation is limited to invited guest – admission is not guaranteed. All association, involvement, or participation in our private events is entirely voluntary and consensual. Coercion, sex trafficking prostitution, and exploitation are strictly and explicitly prohibited.


3. This website is solely designated for qualifying guests whom desire to engage in like interests. The purpose of my visit here has absolutely no association with any/all law enforcement or governmental agencies under any jurisdiction for the purposes of entrapment, any official capacities, or agendas.


4. King Clubhouse private meetings are nonprofit events.


5. I entirely understand the risks of participating in private adult events and I hereby waive all/any rights to hold Kings Clubhouse liable for any civil, punitive, or medical damages.


6. I fully understand that our private events are held in dimly lit, accident-prone environments and thus, I waive any / all rights to hold  Kings Clubhouse liable for any / all personal injuries incurred on event grounds.


7. A private event, we reserve all rights to terminate invitation, at any time, for any reason, without prior notification or refund